Yay Blynn


YAY BLYNN is the solo project from singer/songwriter and Philadelphia native J.Blynn. Now living in LA, Blynn also performs with Lucius and is a member of the band Motor Sales. He recorded and produced this solo debut himself in a garage studio in Silver Lake.

'Singer/songwriter YAY BLYNN delivers a haunting debut that recalls the lo-fi folk of early Iron & Wine and the ghostly mystique of Bon Iver. "I don't know hell any better than you," he pensively sighs on the rainy opening ballad "What the Hell." Such brooding observations are dressed in minimal guitar effects, creating a gray, woozy ambiance, especially when his gentle croons get soaked in pedal-steel guitar on "Sing Me Your Blues" and are spun into a twangy carnival-esque dream in "Slow Motion Disaster."' - Apple Music