The Stone Foxes


"Perfect back-to-basics rock" -Entertainment Weekly

"The Stone Foxes have an energetic style that's rooted in swampy, foot-stomping rock...ambitious arrangements with diverse moods ranging from acoustic twang to thunderous electric-guitar riffs." -NPR

The Stone Foxes are a 5 piece rock band from San Francisco. While their songs have been used in numerous film and tv spots including Free Solo, Shameless and Ray Donovan as well as ads for BMW, Budweiser and Jack Daniels, the band is most known for their raucous live shows. Invoking the audience with their commanding stage presence" even jumping into the crowd if the mood strikes" their fans light a fire in the band. Guitarists digging in, lead vocals changing between two unique voices with impassioned nuance, and keyboard and organ sounds that fill the space with smoke and burning embers. There are crunchy drum tones, wailing harmonica draws and violin cries that can silence even the liveliest of rooms. Like Elvis once said about rock n roll, "If you feel it, you can't help but move to it."