Sanders Bohlke


Sanders Bohlke began where so much of America's great music began - the South. Just as the Blues became Rock and Roll, Bohlke found his voice and fingers - a formidable duo capable of austere beauty or unbridled heartbreak - in Sardis, a small town in the Mississippi Delta. He honed his craft further in Oxford, where he attended the University of Mississippi and recorded his self-titled debut, a folk album hailed as passionate and praised for its honesty.

Since then, Bohlke's search for honesty has taken him across a fairly large expanse of musical territory. With numerous solo releases under his belt, which have garnered placements on many hit TV shows, to collaborative projects including R&B funk duo Rookie Season and most recently electro-soul duo SVIBES. He continues to show his musical chops in his compositions, and was recently tapped to score the Patagonia film "Takayna," among other projects.

On his solo work, Bohlke continues his musical evolution with lush soundscapes that layer brooding and billowy textures against his soulful voice. On new single "Never Wake," he dips into a soulful-pop sound with a moving crescendo of harmonies that exemplify the beauty and dark romance of his music.

"Never Wake" is just the first new solo work we're hearing from Bohlke in 2018, with more on the way.