Rookie Season


For Sanders Bohlke and Brad Odum, Rookie Season was ten years in the making. It started as an experiment. Bohlke was a solo artist living in Mississippi. Odum was a touring drummer in Nashville. They played their first show as a duo for Bohlke's solo project to a sold-out crowd in Oxford, MS. They'd only rehearsed once. They'd only met once. They'd never seen each other play live, but the experiment worked. Something clicked.

Maybe it was their love for Kings of Comedy. Or their mutual affinity for Nike. Maybe it was just the music. Whatever it was, it was special. The two spent the next several years touring and making albums, but it was always Odum playing drums for Bohlke's solo project, until they decided to try another experiment - to write together. But they didn't want to just write together, they wanted to create together. Fueled by their love for basketball, design, and of course, R&B, the two set out on a creative venture. The goal: to make the type of music they listened to, and the type of art they admired, and the types of clothes they wore. Over the next several months, this collaboration grew into what would become Rookie Season. They continued to scheme. They started designing apparel. They began conceptualizing a magazine. All of this was the culmination of their ten-year friendship, but it all started with the music.

In 2016, Rookie Season headed into the studio and recorded two singles, Call You and Backtalker. Those singles were released on all platforms and immediately featured on Spotify playlists. On May 25, 2017, The Collide, their first album of nine original R&B songs was released.

Many more things to follow.