Punks & Snakes

Punks & Snakes

Punks & Snakes is the band fronted by longtime South Carolina musician Jack Burg. Jack started playing drums early thanks to his mom who was in her high school marching band. Jack's dad taught him few chords on the guitar in his early teens and from then on it's been a life filled with music.

Punks & Snakes is the name Burg gave to his songwriting projects around 2005. The name is a reference to fireworks and the carefree days of a youthful summer. Starting out as a one man band, handling drums and percussion with his feet, PNS eventually evolved into a full blown rock band with 2014's debut LP "No Swagger" on Charleston, SC based Shrimp Records.

Punks & Snakes were once described as the adopted child of Nick Cave and Jimmy Buffett. Anyone in the music industry knows that getting compared to Mr. Margaritaville could be a kiss of death. PNS does not care. Songs deal with the darker side of the human experience from a very personal point of view but always with a glimmer of hope.

Although the songs on "No Swagger" are entirely written by Burg, he called on some of his closest friends and musical allies to help bring them to their full potential. The album was produced and engineered by Andy Dixon (Absentstar). Performances from Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent Robinson (Shovels & Rope), Mechanical River (Joel Hamilton), Michael Flynn (Slowrunner), Josh Kaler (Butch Walker), Bill Carson and Sadler Vaden (Jason Isbell, Drivin n Cryin) pop up throughout the songs.

"No Swagger" draws heavily on Burg's childhood, teen and young adult life. Trust, hope, menace, heartbreak and nostalgia are common themes heard on the record. "No Swagger" was voted one of the top records of 2014 by more than one local SC publication. Check it out!